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Teaching Empathy

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If we surround ourselves with people who are just like us, we have a tendency to have less empathy for others who are different. Empathy can be developed, and as parents, we have a responsibility to our children to guide them toward understanding how others feel and being compassionate. The core of empathy is curiosity, so when your child is curious about someone who is different, help him see the value in that person.

Children start to show genuine empathy at a very early age. Not only do they feel another persons pain, but they try to soothe it. Label the feeling and discuss the importance of caring about other people. If you model compassionate behavior and praise your child when he shows empathy, this important emotional connection to others is reinforced. Point out other peoples behavior and discuss how it makes him feel.

Teach your child to be aware of both verbal and nonverbal cues to help him understand why others behave the way they do. Also, teach basic rules of politeness as a way to show respect for others and to understand the benefits of being kind.

Give your child tasks that help him learn responsibility, so he can experience the joy of helping others. Set a positive example by including him in acts of kindness and charity, and explain why you choose to serve others.

Encourage your child to have a diverse circle of friends, and he will learn to value each individual for their own special traits.

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