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Meals & Nutrition

Kid Friendly & Healthy Meals

Endless Discoveries will provide morning and afternoon snack, lunch, milk and 100% juice. Our menus are posted on our bulletin board in each classroom and on our website for your information. These meals and drinks will count for some, but not all of your child’s daily nutritional needs. You, the parent, must understand that Endless Discoveries is not responsible for meeting all of your child’s daily food needs. Infants that are not ready for the food listed on our menu will be required to supply all bottles and jar food from home with instructions on the child’s daily feeding schedule. Bottles must be pre-made with the child’s name on the bottle.

You can find our weekly lunch and snack menu here.

Food Allergies (No nuts!)

Parents with children suffering from food allergies or who have religious preferences may communicate their needs with the kitchen personnel and the office. All limitations, in regards to the food Endless Discoveries serves, must be documented in writing by the parent/guardian and the child’s physician and received by management, the child’s classroom, and the kitchen. Parents are responsible for supplying any/ all substitutions of food/drinks. In this event, tuition will not be reduced or discounted. Endless Discoveries strictly prohibits any food made with nut products.

You can find more information on nutrition and developing healthy eating habits in early childhood here: https://www.choosemyplate.gov/health-and-nutrition-information