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Raising a Strong-Willed Child

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Children who are determined to do things their way are often labeled bad kids. However, their tenacity will serve them well in life, and its your job as a parent to channel their energy into something positive.

When your child exhibits intense frustration and anger, it's important to acknowledge their feelings rather than minimizing them. When you redirect them and they want to know why, they dont want to hear because I said so. Explain the reasons so they can understand the consequences, whether theyre safety, social or moral issues. Keep your explanation brief, and make sure theres a valid reason for setting limits.

Rather than allowing a lengthy debate with your child, give one warning and a consequence. Then stick with it. When your child tries to tell you or their peers what to do, help them find more appropriate and respectful ways of communicating. Remember that modeling good behavior is the best way to teach your child how to behave.

Raising a strong-willed child is often challenging but also an exciting adventure!