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It's the Little Things

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Our goal as parents should be to guide our children toward self-sufficiency and independence. Life lessons can start when they are very young with age-appropriate chores. Allowing a toddler to help match socks gives them a sense of accomplishment. Waiting until the child is a teenager to teach basic life skills often is not effective, and the child ends up feeling overwhelmed by daily responsibilities.

Your child can help in planning meals, grocery shopping and cooking. Something as simple as scrambling egs can be rewarding for a young child. Start the habit of cleaning up early in the child's life, and it will become a routine that is not dreaded.

Make laundry a fun family experience, and kids can benefit in many ways. With young children, have them tell you the colors of clothes as they're being folded, or have them identify which family member they belong to for sorting.

Talk to your child about the importance of eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep. Time management is also an important life skill to master, and children thrive with a structured daily routine.

Money management can be taught early, with your child deciding how to spend his money wisely. Allow him to make decisions about his purchases.

Basic car and home maintenance lessons are memorable experiences for children that lay the foundation for them to be competent as adults.

Itis often the little everyday experiences that have the greatest impact on a child. Time spent with your child is the most important lesson of all!

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