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How does Endless Discoveries help children develop gross motor skills?

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What exactly are gross motor skills? Gross motor skills are the abilities to move the large muscles in the body, such as the arms, legs and torso. Since every child develops at a different rate, our teachers make use of outdoor play to help children develop strength and agility, whether they are crawling, walking or running.

There are many different ways to play with a ball, all of which help strengthen muscles and develop hand-eye coordination. Rolling, throwing, kicking or bouncing a ball are activities that are beneficial for children of all ages.

Hopscotch is an ancient game that dates back thousands of years, but modern-day children still benefit from hopping, jumping, skipping and calling out numbers, shapes or colors. Racing on a "track" is fun, whether the child is running or riding a bike, and Endless Discoveries has all sizes of tricycles, bicycles and riding toys to appeal to everyone. Even the simple act of walking can be interesting for children, if they're encouraged to walk backwards or sideways!

The playgrounds at Endless Discoveries Saginaw and Endless Discoveries Glen Rose are designed to promote gross motor skills. Climbing, sliding and swinging are necessary activities for children to stay active. Outdoor games like Simon Says, Tag and Red Light Green Light are great ways to keep children moving, bonding and interacting with each other.

Outdoor play is also a wonderful way to create memories that children will remember.

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