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Free-Range Parenting

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What does the term Free-Range Parenting mean to you? It isnt about being permissive or uninvolved. Its about allowing kids to have the freedom to experience the natural consequences of their behavior. Its also about ensuring kids have the skills they need to become responsible adults.

There isnt always a clear answer about when a child is ready to handle mature responsibilities. At what age should a child be allowed to stay home alone? When is a child old enough to stay alone overnight? Whats the age that a child should be allowed to walk down the street alone? Can a child play at the park without an adult in attendance? At what age should an older sibling be able to supervise younger children? Answers to these questions depend upon the maturity level of the child and the circumstances of each situation.

Allowing unscheduled activities and encouraging unstructured play are beneficial for guiding a child toward autonomy and learning independence. As children earn extra freedom by making mature decisions, they can gradually be given increased freedom and responsibility. Its important to not parent out of fear. Enforce safety measures, but understand that accidents do happen.