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Finding a Work/Family Balance

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Is it possible to have a career and be actively involved with your family? Many moms have proven this is not only possible but also rewarding. Here are a few tips to make the juggling act a little easier.
Dont feel guilty for the choices you make. Be confident that you can be successful in finding a balance that benefits your whole family.
Find ways to save time, such as ordering groceries online, using curbside pickup and preparing lunches the night before.
Reduce distractions and time wasters. Limit socializing, social media scrolling, phone calls and television so your time is focused on the important things.
Plan special family activities that everyone can look forward to and create memories that last forever.
Stay organized using calendars and lists and plan ahead to avoid last-minute panics.
Share the housework, with even the youngest in the house pulling their own weight. Everyone wants to feel useful and valued.
Learn to turn down some activities if they cause more anxiety than enjoyment. Overbooking takes all the fun out of an experience.
Lower your expectations and understand that you dont have to be perfect all the time, and find time for yourself to rejuvenate.
Dont forget that you can trust Endless Discoveries to provide the best possible care for your child while you turn your full attention to your job. With our flexible hours, low teacher-to-child ratio, clean and safe environment, and current licenses, your child can benefit from learning through play with friends.
Can a working mom have both a successful career and a fulfilling family life? Absolutely!