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Does your child tell you about Circle Time?

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Children look forward to Circle Time at Endless Discoveries Saginaw and Endless Discoveries Glen Rose, and we hope parents hear how much they enjoy it. This is a time for important social interactions and developing positive relationships through fun and engaging activities. It's also an opportunity for the teacher to address issues such as excessive talking because Circle Time structured activities keep kids occupied.

Some of the activities include musical games, cooperative games, talking and listening games and drama activities, and the teacher assures that each child has an opportunity to participate. Children are seated in a circle either on chairs or on the floor, and often an object is passed around the circle to show whose turn it is to speak.

Nurturing a child's social skills early in life is very important, as this will help prepare for kindergarten and elementary school. Every child benefits from learning more about themselves as they relate to their peers and adults. Endless Discoveries believes in a daily routine to allow children to be introduced to the concept of time. By having to pay attention to the teacher and their classmates as everyone takes turns leading the game, children develop their listening and communication skills, allowing them to express themselves and overcome shyness.

Circle Time in preschool increases a child's awareness of language, physical and sensory experiences, since they are exposed to dances, songs, and other stimuli. Participating in Circle Time activities helps promote gross motor skills as it improves coordination and rhythm. It also helps develop dexterity and agility.

Children feel excited about going to school because they love games and fun. They will be looking forward to it every day and love the idea of going to Endless Discoveries Child Development Center.

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