About Us - General Information

Hours of Operation

Endless Discoveries will be available to care for children from 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday. It is recommended that your child be restricted to 10 hours per day in child care for the welfare of your child. If your child will not be attending on any given day, a courtesy call is required by 9:00 AM. If your child remains after 6:00 PM, we will charge $5 per child for every 5 minutes thereafter, to be collected upon arrival.

Our Philosophy

  • Learning through active play
  • Fostering an acceptance of self and differences with others
  • Developing respect and caring as a result of freedom within limits
  • Strengthening a child's development socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.
  • Providing individualized attention within a group setting.
  • Working with parents as active partners in their child's development.

Endless Discoveries strives to meet the needs of the families in our community. Educational, safe daily child care is such a growing need among working families. From Infancy to School-Age, Endless Discoveries holds a higher standard for child care and supporting the community around us by providing developmentally appropriate activities for the children, a safe, loving environment for the families, and a challenging yet fulfilling work environment for the teachers.

Accreditations & Military Programs

  • National Accreditation Commission: NAC is a nationally recognized child care accreditation system that is endorsed and managed by the National Association of Child Care Professionals (NACCP). NACCP is an organization comprised of early child care and education leaders, owners, directors, administrators and managers. NACCP is committed to strengthening the professional skill level of its members. NAC accreditation offers early care and education programs the opportunity to demonstrate and document quality performance using research-based criteria. NAC accreditation values the rich and diverse tapestry of early care and education programs and the uniqueness of each. NAC's high standards for child care centers help improve the quality of safety, equipment, health policies, nutrition, administration, teacher training, ongoing evaluations, parent communication, and developmentally appropriate settings and activities for children. Endless Discoveries is proud to follow this criteria and become accredited with NAC for Excellence!
  • Texas Rising Star Provider: Endless Discoveries works with the State of Texas and the Texas Workforce Commission to provide quality child care to serve subsidized children and children enrolled in certified facilities such as foster homes. The Texas Rising Star certification is a process of improving the quality of child care facilities that voluntarily meets requirements that exceed the state minimum standards. Through assessment, centers are awarded on a graduated scale which offers three levels of certification (Two-Star, Three-Star, and Four- Star) to encourage providers to attain progressively higher certification requirements leading to a Four-Star level. Endless Discoveries has been awarded 4 Stars! Receiving this certification is not only a huge honor, but provides the parents who use our services confidence that we provide quality care and our staff additional training opportunities.
  • Child Care Network: We are pleased to participate in the First Texas Campfire's Child Care Network pilot program to provide high quality child care options, in addition to corporate discounts. Campfire USA uses the Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale (ITERS) and the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS) to assure parents that your children will receive the best possible educational opportunities. By mentoring Endless Discoveries and evaluating every aspect of our school's facility and educational program, we are able to constantly reassess our child care center and make improvements as needed. At this time, corporate sponsors of Campfire's Child Care Network include BNSF, Pier 1, and TCU. We view this partnership as a mutually-rewarding relationship for everyone involved as Campfire provides training and mentoring for Endless Discoveries and, in turn, we offer discounts to the program's sponsors. We welcome our corporate sponsors in joining the Endless Discoveries family!
  • NACCRRA (Military Child Care): Endless Discoveries Child Development Center is proud to be able to offer our military service men and women fee assistance through NACCRRA. We offer assistance through both Operation Military Child Care (OMCC) and Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood (MCCYN). Ask our management team for more details on how these fee assistance programs may apply to your family.

Organized Routines

Endless Discoveries believes in having an organized routine on a day-to-day basis. Each classroom has a scheduled time for inside and outside play, which provides a good balance between active and quiet play. By allowing children to have a set routine, they understand what will happen next even though they are unable to read a clock. With that knowledge, children move smoothly from one activity to the next with little problem.

Outside Play

Our playgrounds are designed with your child in mind. We have playgrounds that are stimulating to the young mind and offer a wide range of physical challenges. During the Texas hot summer months, our teachers are happy to put sunscreen on your child as long as you provide the sunscreen and a note for our records. We will refrain from going outside in bad weather, including high temperatures (97° and above), low temperatures (37° and below), and ozone watch days.


It is our desire to have open communication lines with each of you. Endless Discoveries feels that it is important that we have a close relationship regarding the needs of your child. We welcome you to call during the day to talk to your child.s teacher, although we may ask if a return call can be made if it is not an emergency and learning activities are going on in the classroom. Additionally, we are available through email; however, if there is a time or date importance, it is always best to call the school. We hope you will feel free to openly discuss any issues that you might have concerning your child.s care in Endless Discoveries. As an ongoing effort to improve communication, we strive to provide information in many different ways:

  • School-Wide Monthly Newsletter
  • Classroom Monthly Newsletter
  • Posted Notices on the Front Door, Classroom Doors, and at the Time Clock
  • Classroom Bulletin Boards
  • Parent Bulletin Board
  • Email Updates, Special Items of Interest