About Us - Safety & Security


The State of Texas requires all professionals in the child-care field to complete at least 15 clock hours of training per year. We will complete these hours during two in-service days, President's Day and Columbus Day, as well as during our staff monthly meetings. Endless Discoveries will be closed during the in-service days, so you will have to make other arrangements if child care is needed during those days.

Release Policy

Your child will be released only to the names listed on your enrollment form. For you and your child's security, we require a picture ID for any person we do not recognize. We also require a written permission from you for any person not listed on your enrollment form. Should an emergency arise during the day, you are to call with any necessary instructions. In this instance, a code word may provide additional security for your family.


Endless Discoveries is very secure, equipped with a card reader system for entry through the front door. In order to enter our building, persons need to have either an active security card or an escort. No unfamiliar persons are able to enter the building without having proper identification. With our card reader system, each family is issued one card upon enrollment. If an additional card is needed, a $5.00 charge will be posted to the family's account, to be paid with the next tuition payment. In the case of withdrawal, cards will be deactivated and need to be returned to the office.

Internet Viewing

Endless Discoveries has a camera system throughout the entire building. This viewing system is in place for two reasons: for family members to see their children throughout the day and for management to watch over the activities of each classroom. The viewing system subscription is paid for through each child's tuition, so no extra money is required to use the system.

Gang-Free Zone

Endless Discoveries has a strict policy regarding the safety of our facilities and all who enter the premises. Endless Discoveries designates 1,000 feet from our center as a gang-free zone. Gang-related activity or engaging in organized criminal activity within 1,000 feet of Endless Discoveries is a violation of this law.